Taryn Watts is an optimistic, creative, big thinker; an action oriented personal development junky; a lifelong learner, passionate about living life to its absolute fullest. She believes in leading a simple yet classy life and gives a unique touch to everyone’s lives with her cheerful and encouraging words which have helped many people.

There is always a silver lining through her heartfelt words and thoughts.

About the project

Taryn received first-hand professional assistance during the WordPress training which made her quite confident about blog posting and website management. The website designing has been administered meticulously with outstanding color schemes, background themes, smart graphic designs and compelling content. The website is not overloaded with images and that brings a simple yet appealing appearance for the users.

Although managing a WordPress account can be tricky during the initial phase, but after some time, once the tricks and ideas are up the sleeve, WordPress becomes easy to access. Taryn can now seamlessly post her own blogs on her website and manage it as well, which will help in reaching out to a larger crowd in no time and gain visibility.

I came to Olga confused, frustrated and pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to use WordPress and make my website as beautiful as the theme I had just recently purchased. Working with Olga was an amazing experience. She was FAST, responsive, super duper knowledgeable, and such a great person to work with. She gave me tips and tricks of the trade above and beyond what I thought I was signing up for. She took the vision I held in my brain and made it a reality. I am so grateful I was referred to Olga... Olga, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Taryn Scerbo-Watts