The Importance of Maintaining Your Website.

 Technology is evolving day by day and so is increases in Internet Security threats and cyber-attacks. Keeping websites up-to-date is essential for your business as well as to mitigate security risks.

A well-maintained website accessible 24/7 showcases your professionalism and credibility. Utmost care should be taken for maintaining your website and it is no longer a low priority task with increasing number of businesses moving online.

Maintenance services

Security Monitoring

Our partnership with Sucuri guarantees that your WordPress site will be safe and secure with 24/7 monitoring.

Detailed Reports

Uptime and response time reports. Get daily, weekly, or monthly email reports.


Monitor your website's availability and performance. View uptime, downtime and the response times.

Site Migrations

Will move your site the right way, so you won’t have to worry about downtime. We’ll get your site up and running just like it was before your move, quickly and easily.

Offsite Backups

We provide nightly offsite backups of your database and file system so you never have to fret about losing your data.

WordPress Updates

Update what?! (all WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates) Let us handle it for you, and never worry about those pesky site updates ever again.


 Request a Website Speed Test to analyze the load speed of your websites, and learn how to make them faster.

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We will perform SEO analysis and performace test of your website. You will know how much the speed, or lack thereof, of your WordPress site is costing you.

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