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Get a modern and responsive website design that will deliver an increase in sales. A responsive design makes sure your website adapts itself and looks great on any device: mobile, tablet or computer.



New marketing strategies ties deeply into your website and it’s important to be able to tap those strategies to increase your revenues. Online quiz, dynamic forms, integrated mailing list, management of your social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube to name only a few are now vital to increase your business visibility online and drive traffic to your website. We master those strategies and make sure the traffic landing on your website will be converted into revenues.


A lot of older websites were programmed with static HTML. These websites are difficult to maintain. Adding and modifying content require specialized programmers increasing your long term costs. Migrating your website to a content management system will allow you to modify your website content more frequently at a much lower cost. It also helps in reducing the costs associated with making your website responsive.


Selecting a good hosting provider for your website is crucial and is often neglected. Multiple factors need to be taken into account during the selection process. Most focus heavily on the hosting fee during the selection but it’s important to understand the value you are getting in exchange for this monthly fee. More often than not the savings realized by selecting the cheapest hosting solution around will be more than offset by the increased maintenance costs. The hosting solution selected is also vital in giving you complete control over your website and making sure you retain your independence.


Not only are we website specialists we are also expert users of Indesign and Photoshop. These tools allow us to create custom graphical elements to make your website stand out.


According to Statista, roughly 50% of the global web traffic originates from mobile devices. It’s vital that your website adapts itself and looks great on mobile devices like phones and tablets if you want to maximize revenues generated from your website.


Presenting to your customers an easily identifiable image belonging to your company helps you distinguish it from competing services and products and can create a powerful attention-grabbing effect rooted in a true representation of who you are as a business and what you stand for. Branding covers everything from your logo to website and printed material like brochures, business cards, flyers.


Olga is a complete professional and so great to work with. She is incredibly knowledgeable about web design and all the options available for making a functional and beautiful website - she is also an SEO genius! She knows all the resources out there for themes, plug-ins etc and she makes what seems to be a complex process into something simple & easy to understand. Working with Olga is a pleasure!
Diana Eskander
We are extremely satisfied with the service provided by OlgaBoca. It helps position our business online and we are already seeing significant results.
Network Cabling Montreal
Olga listens to the clients needs and proceeds from there. Clarifying how a website works, removing the mystery and alleviating a clients stress over design and technical issues. She is rigorous in her client follow-up and quality control. Website design simple and clear!
John Martins
Olga built two websites for me a few years ago. They are stunning and run amazingly well. Also, the biggest part for me was her incredible SEO skills. Within two months of hiring her, my site made the first page of google, and I quickly saw a serious increase in my business revenue.
Tristan Lauber
OlgaBoca offre un service client complet. Ses compétences et son travail discipliné sont la clé de son succès!
Valérie St-André