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The Boulangerie-pâtisserie Canaël is a mouthful of Europe in Québec, a place where you can take a moment to simply enjoy life! It’s the perfect marriage between European and Quebecois cultures. Different creations, special methods, and the use of carefully chosen wheat flour issued directly from European agriculture. All this within the warm and comforting ambiance Canael’s team provides, with help from abundant visitors.

The Canaël experience can be savoured not just at home but also on site, thanks to the rustic Café-Bistro. This introduction to fine dining, offered by master baker Michael Roger, has been designed to appeal to everyone by offering both healthy products and more decadent treats.


About the project

Minimalism is one of our favorite styles of web design. ‘Less is more’ is a core principle. In this website design project we focused on effective use of white space. White space makes the contents of the page easier to read.

Minimalism isn’t about the complete lack of images, but rather the careful choice of when and where to use them. Excellent typography is capable of replacing many of the visual benefits that are lost by not using a lot of images.

The design style should support and help deliver your message. In this project we focused on simplifying information’s journey from eye to brain and communicating information with as few elements as possible.

Simple websites have an advantage in effectively direct the visitor’s attention to the most important content of the page. The simple design creates an air of elegance and sophistication.

We keep our design simple and consistent – because it works!


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