Website redesign and SEO project


Yortec was formed in 1998 and provides precision machining as well as production engineering and project management services. The goal of this project was to re-design old static HTML website to Responsive WordPress Site. Designing websites with static HTML code in action was a thing of past.  Here are few reasons why we decided to use WordPress platform :

  • WordPress websites  are easy to create, update as well as manage
  • WordPress has been built to embrace search engines that makes it SEO-friendly.
  • WordPress platform  customize their website according to their needs and requirements.

About the project

Yortec’s old website had limited SEO capabilities and the client didn’t own the site design.  If you don’t understand HTML and CSS, you may struggle to update your website. Every time you want to add something or change something, you will need to hire a developer.

Google Analytics data wasn’t configured and not collecting essential performance data. Additionally, the website was not mobile responsive. The site was outdated with unstructured content and poor navigation.

Rebuilding the website on WordPress platform allowed the owner to gain  full control of the website, its domain name, and all its contents. Each and every section of the site is easily editable. Our client will not have to depend on the technical staff for editing, modifying or deleting the content from the website.

We designed an intuitive user-interface and re-designed the structure of the website for easy navigation.