Web Fonts

Web Fonts

Typography is a fundamental element in any web design work that you do.


Computers come with standard fonts locally installed—common “web safe” “system fonts” like Arial, Times New Roman, and Garamond. When a website or application is called up on that device using one of those system fonts, that computer recognizes it and renders it no problem. But what happens when a designer wants to create a design with a custom or lesser-known font that’s not locally installed—say, one available on Typography.comGoogle FontsFontsquirrel, or Adobe Typekit? If that font isn’t installed on a computer, there’s a chance it won’t display—and you’ll lose the carefully designed branding and graphic design you put into your site.

When a designer wants to use one of these custom fonts, they can use a web font—a font that doesn’t have to be installed on a computer because it’s accessible via a server where the file is hosted. From there, that font gets called up and loaded into the browser where it can be viewed how the designer intended.

Top recommended fonts from Google Web Fonts

 Google fonts are amazing free resource for web designers.  Good news is that most of the advanced WordPress themes support quite a few fonts from Google automatically.

Google Fonts library can be filtered by specific categories and font characteristics. It can be overwhelming filtering through so many of the free fonts.  Here is a mall selection of Google Fonts that you can implement into your websites and more…

  • Open Sans
    Open Sans
  • Josefin Slab
    Josefin Slab
  • Arvo
  • Lato
  • Vollkorn
  • Abril Fatface
    Abril Fatface
  • Ubuntu
  • PT Sans + PT Serif
    PT Sans + PT Serif
  • Old Standard TT
    Old Standard TT
  • Droid Sans
    Droid Sans


There is no doubt about it – typography and the font-faces we choose has a huge impact on multiple aspects of our website including readability, mood, perceived article length, user experience and much, much more.

Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.

-Jeffrey Zeldman

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