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Are you looking to gain the skills to become a freelance WordPress developer? Are you a business owner with a WordPress website you don’t know how to use?

The goal of the training is to provide you with a hands-on and interactive experience that gives you the freedom to ask questions, get clarity, and begin to feel comfortable using WordPress. We definitely encourage questions and real time problem-solving.

Some of our Training Modules

WP theme

We will learn how to choose the right theme and make a theme installation, set it up and if needed customize it.


We will dive into the design of your website / blog. Create, insert and/or format different types of content (text, images, video, pdfs). Update and enhance pre-chosen themes with HTML and CSS


How to keep your website up-to-date and secure. We will share with you the best tools available on the market.


We will dive into SEO optimization. You will learn how to connect your website to google analytics, create sitemap and submit it to google webmaster tools.


We will integrate social media and email marketing to grow your followers, build a newsletter list, and reach your audience.

Functionality of the site

Control the look and functionality of the site by working with themes, plugins and widgets.

Depending on the size and nature of your project a custom proposal will be developed to meet your needs. Our courses are designed to be modular and immersive, custom-catered to your goals and technical aptitude.

Request a Free evaluation of your needs.

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