7 Helpful SEO Tips for Small Businesses

7 Helpful SEO Tips for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you’re in constant competition against other businesses, both large and small. The ability to stay visible and relevant among your competitors can be difficult in today’s market.

In a fast-paced digital age, what can you do to keep the edge on your competition?

SEO tools can help you maintain your visibility on search engines and draw new customers to your business. There are many things that you can do to draw new traffic to your website. Keep reading to learn about SEO tips for small businesses that can take your business to the next level. 

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Use Geo-Targeted Keywords

Targeting your local market is a great way to appear higher in search rankings, especially since local search results are less competitive. Using GeoTargeted Keywords specific to your local area can help boost your search rankings.

For example, if you are a criminal defense lawyer and you use keyword phrases like criminal defense, criminal defense lawyer, or criminal defense attorney, you will have to compete with every other criminal defense lawyer in the world. However, if your practice is in Burbank and you change your keywords to Burbank criminal defense lawyer, your only competition will be criminal defense lawyers in the Burbank area. 

Create a Business Listing

Another easy way to boost your visibility is to create a Google My Business listing. This tool allows business owners to control how Google’s search results display their business. You can as well view Insights for your business listing: you can use profile view insights to track how popular your business is with current and potential customers.

On your profile, you can display your contact info, location, and address. you can also provide photos so potential customers can see your products or office. You can also provide answers to the FAQ you receive about your business or products.

Many third-party apps use data from Google to get data about businesses. When you update your info on your My Business Page, these apps and services also update with these changes. 

Use Keywords in Your Content

So, you have keywords to target your local market and put your website at the top of your local search results. How do you use those keywords?

Keywords have to appear on your website naturally without overuse. Keywords will get you more recognition, but spamming keywords can get you penalized by Google. These penalties can result in your rank falling in search results.

It is always a good idea to incorporate your keywords into your website, but you should also have quality content for your site. Blog posts and articles are a great way to talk about your business, products, and industry while providing an easy way to use your keywords.

Make Sure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

Today’s consumers are constantly on the move, and your site needs to be ready to handle people on the move who visit your site. Desktop sites are not optimized for mobile phones and can be difficult to navigate.

Convenience is the way to go when designing a mobile-friendly website. If visitors do not have to zoom in or out to view your site, you are on the right track. 

A mobile-friendly site can also help increase your search result rank. Google’s algorithm takes a business’ mobile website into account when it produces search results. Make sure visitors to your site get the same experience that they would get if they were on your desktop site.

Do an SEO Audit

SEO can be tricky to get down and you won’t get it right the first time. It’s a good idea to analyze what you are doing and to see where you can improve.

An SEO audit can determine aspects of your site that need work like if you are spamming keywords or if there are broken links on your site. Some tools and websites will conduct an audit of your site and tell you which areas need work.

Here is a list of the most popular SEO auditing tools:

  1. RavenTools
  2. Surfer SEO
  3. SpyFu
  4. SEMRush
  5. Page Optimizer Pro 
  6. WooRank
  7. Cora SEO
  8. Screaming Frog
  9. AhRefs

Post Video Content

Digital media is a great way to engage customers and new visitors to your site. Videos are a great way to capture the attention of someone visiting your site and provides a great way to showcase yourself, your business, and your products.

Videos can increase traffic to your website, but Google also features videos in search results. Your videos may be one of the first things someone gets to see when doing a search that relates to your business. 

Be sure to also include a description of your video in a text reference so people searching know what it’s about. 

Use Internal Links

When people visit your site, you want them to spend as much time there as possible. Most of the time, people will end up on your homepage, but if it’s their first time on your site, they may not know where to go.

This is where internal links come in. When you have text on your homepage or you have a blog on your site, include links to other pages on your website. Getting people to spend more time on your site and spend more time on individual pages will go a long way toward helping your small business SEO.

SEO Optimization for Your Small Business

At OLGABOCA, we are all about helping small businesses achieve peak optimization. If you learned great ways to utilize SEO tips for small businesses, we can help you incorporate these practices into your business.

We also specialize in website maintenance and website design and redesign. Contact us and we can help you optimize your business.

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