Businesses shift online to cope with coronavirus (COVID-19)

Businesses shift online to cope with coronavirus (COVID-19)

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is crashing global markets and shaking up everything from air travel, services industries, a global ticketing and events industry to local businesses. COVID-19 is changing our lives and most of the businesses shift online.

Coronavirus pandemic has been a major disruption to supply chains, travel restriction could further strain airlines and drive some of them out of business. In order to avoid going to stores where there is a higher risk of infection and a potential lack of inventory on the shelves, clients are moving to online retail with longer delivery windows.

Businesses shift online to cope with coronavirus.

  • Recruitment firms are going online to interview candidates who are working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Working remotely more than ever people start using Tech to Avoid Human Contact.
    Platforms that allow teams to collaborate and communicate effectively can be used during work-from-home days. Meetings can be done over Skype, Google Hangouts, or Zoom
  • Restaurants go from seating to take-away. The main advantage for take-away is that eating at home costs the restaurant a lot less than taking up a table for an hour.
  • Museums, authors, independent artists are quickly transforming to online exhibitions.
  • Concerts are going online. As an example, the Montréal Symphony Orchestra announced that they will be broadcasting weekly concerts online every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the COVID-19 concert cancellation period.
  • eGrocery has seen a rapid expansion during the outbreak.
  • Coronavirus makes online education go viral.

"If your customers are worried about human contact, therefore, your business has a new and unexpected challenge."

"People will change their habits, and some of these habits will stick. There’s a lot of things where people are just slowly shifting, and this will accelerate that."

The pandemic of the disease caused by the new coronavirus, COVID-19, is exposing the fragility of the globalized system and is likely to have a lasting impact. We might see a shift in production domestically. You pay a little more here to get production done, but it allows for flexibility and continuity. 

People will continue to shop local goods and this is a good opportunity for local businesses. Supporting local and small businesses is vital during this uncertain time! 


OLGABOCA is not an exception, at this time we are proving all the services online and we continue to work at full capacity. It is important for us to assure you that our services are up and running as usual. Our dedicated support available as always and we are here to help you with every problem or question you might have. 

We, at OLGABOCA hope that you make it through this crisis!

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If your local business needs help to make a switch online

We can assist you and provide continuous support.

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