Psychology-Based Ways to Make Your Online Brand Memorable

Memorable brand

A memorable website is one that is easy to remember and stands out in the user’s mind. It is often visually appealing and easy to navigate, with clear and concise information that is easy to access and understand. The website may also have unique features or functionality that make it memorable and distinguish it from other websites. Ultimately, a memorable website is one that leaves a positive impression on the user and encourages them to return in the future.

Smart business owners do not rely on chance and one-off sales. They know that bringing customers back time and again is cost-effective.

Some obvious steps to take would includes things like having a consistent social media presence, paid advertising, regular email marketing, and branded merchandise. These things do keep you in the customers’ line of sight. And of course the more they have seen you, the best chance they have of remembering you in the future.

But the less obvious psychology-based things work too, without as much repetition. Being based on how the human mind works, these are things that give us a good feeling about a brand.

Use the Rule of Three in your copy

Do you know about the rule of three? Even if you don’t know it in marketing terms, you probably know this on some level and have felt its effect.

Put simply, the rule is that things that come in threes are better, funnier, snappier, or just more memorable. They make you sound more credible. When used in copy, three words or three points of focus work powerfully together.

This trick is used in speech writing all the time. If you like Ted Talks, there is an excellent one by speech writer Simon Lancaster who breaks this concept down brilliantly.

The reason why the rule works is simply that it’s a pattern. A pattern with three elements is small, neat and makes us comfortable as it doesn’t require too much thinking.

We have all seen this recently on the news every night:

  • Hands, face, space
  • Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives

And then on TV in the form of product advertising:

  • Beans mean Heinz
  • Just do it
  • I’m lovin’ it

One way for you to make your own brand memorable is to come up with a slogan or tagline that uses the rule of three.

Take a look at the copy on the homepage of your website. Are there three words that could stand alone, or three short sentences that could work together for you? 

Engage Them With Your Brand

Many people get excited about rebranding in order to make themselves memorable. Perhaps it’s been a few years since you started your business, and in that time, you have grown and evolved. Maybe you’ve even learned about marketing psychology and want to use a few tricks in your new branding.

It can be a great idea to create yourself a strong brand image. But don’t undo the hard work of your first years in business by making yourself unrecognizable to your early customers. They knew you before your new logo and colour scheme, and you want to bring them with you.

What I’m suggesting is this. Actively involve your old customers on your rebranding journey. Using your email newsletter and social media, ask them for feedback on your possible new logo design or colour scheme. By making them part of the journey and decision, you are creating a memory with them.

For example, if you poll them on the different shades of green you are considering, and if green represents your brand or not, you are getting them thinking. In the future, when they see another brand’s green logo, they might think of you too.

People like to be involved and give their opinions, it makes us feel valued. So start a conversation.

If you are looking to find  a new brand palette then you could try  Adobe color wheel to create color palettes with the adobe color wheel or image, or explore thousands of color theme here . Also remember your offline branding, such as your Business Cards.

Don’t be afraid of humour (where appropriate)

This is probably not for you if you are an undertaker or something similarly morbid. But for many brands, using a little humour makes them memorable.

Think about how this works for brands like Money Supermarket, and Old Spice. They are memorable because of how they make you feel. And this really is the trick.

Emotions make memories stick. Of course, you want that feeling you invoke to be a good one, so humour is a smart choice. Not just for the memorability, but because it makes a company feel approachable too.

Another thing to love about humour in marketing is that it sells your brand without having to be very pushy with your products. When a brand makes you laugh, they are giving you something without asking for your money – that part comes later.

You could technically say this is like the value-led content marketing model, where you give something of value before you present your call to action.

With a smaller brand that doesn’t have an Old Spice advertising budget, you could test the waters on Twitter or Instagram first and see how your audience responds. Take a look at Charmin’s Twitter account (@Charmin) or Frank Body’s Instagram grid (@frank_bod) for some inspiration.

So to summarise, here are a few of the less obvious, psychology-based ways to make your brand memorable.

  • Use the rule of three in your copy.
  • Don’t be afraid to engage people in your brand. Conversations are memorable.
  • Use some humour to invoke positive emotions and give value.

I hope these ideas inspire you and get you thinking outside the box. There are lots of ways to be memorable, and it’s not always about who shouts the loudest. Consider engagement and value over volume.

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