Responsive website

Responsive website

According to Statista, roughly 50% of the global web traffic originates from mobile devices. It’s vital for your business to have a responsive website design that adapts itself and looks great on mobile devices like phones and tablets.

Responsive website design is not just about mobile. Responsive design is about being able to access a website that can be viewed from any device, with any size screen. It’s about respecting your clients who want to view your website on their 4-inch mobile smartphone screen, their 7-inch mini tablet screen, their full-size 10-inch tablet device, their laptop screen and even their big-screen 4H HDTV. The design is responsive because it constantly takes into account the properties of the device and the browser on which the user consumes the content. Your content strategy should not be different depending on how someone is accessing your website. Responsive design is about allowing for the best experience no matter what device is being used. By creating a responsive website design, you can also cut back on your cost and save time as well. Along with that, the responsive website design requires no redirects for mobile and desktop users and hence quite an easy job for the browsers.

According to Google’s recommendation, this also allows you to share your website with a single URL (great for social media) so Googlebots can easily crawl your website (great for indexing).

How can I check if my site is mobile-friendly?

You can check your site by testing your pages with the Mobile-Friendly Test tool. This tool shows how Google Search sees your pages. To get a list of mobile usability issues across your sites, log in to your Search Console account and use the Mobile Usability Report.

Why should you consider a responsive website design?

Simply because that’s where your audience is. The Web is becoming more accessible by portable and wireless devices.

Your potential clients are on their phones and tablets, running from place to place, or kicking back in bed at the end of the day, just like you. Mobile is how we’re starting to work and play online now, and this mobile lifestyle is growing exponentially. The use of mobile data has grown more than exponentially in the last 5 years. From the beginning of 2014 to the beginning of 2015, mobile data usage has grown 55%. The company’s Mobility Report predicts that of the 28 billion total devices that will be connected by 2021.

Is your website mobile responsive? If not we can redesign your website to make it responsive and SEO-friendly. Please contact us for a free quote.

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