The Importance of a Great Website Design

Website Design
The visual language of a website design impresses a visitor far beyond their first glimpse. The design of your website is more important for conversions than you can image. You can implement any conversion boosting tactic in the world, but it will work 100% more efficiently if you have a modern web design. Design is a great converting tool. Design is marketing. Design is your product and how it works. If your aim is to allow browsers to find what they are searching for within few seconds, then creating a productive website design with easy usability features is ideal.

First impressions

Considering that Google determined that it only takes about 50 milliseconds for users to judge your website, visual interactions are usually the strongest (and most lasting) interactions. This is further evidence of how important the sense of sight is on your users’ decision-making. For the first impression to be a lasting impression, the website design should be able to kindle a sense of trust among the minds of users. A professional design with a touch of modernism sets the tone for the first impression.

Consistent Website Design

Consistency in design is about making elements uniform — having them look and behave the same way. Inconsistency will negatively affect your users’ impression of you, so take care in maintaining your visual consistency. Sporadic changes in typography, icons, element placements, and established patterns give the impression of disorganization and laziness, whereas consistency looks and feels more reliable and professional. The lack of consistency in your interface design can make your website design look chaotic and confusing to the viewer. On the other hand, maintaining visual consistency can help users to easily communicate with your system and find their requirements.

Is your website design consistent?

Typographic consistency: Is the typographic alignment consistent? Are the typeface choices consistent? Graphic consistency: Do the colors in the images match? Are the textures of the images consistent? Are the sizes of the images consistent with the overall structure of the website and each other? Color consistency: Are colors used consistently across pages? Icon and button consistency: Are the website’s icons of the same family? Do the icons match in size? Aesthetic consistency requires making sure multiple page templates on a website have a systematic feel and look, which makes the site appear more professional. Consistent website design will hold your website visitors’ attention for longer that will potentially lead to conversion. The coding standards and cross-platform compatibility of the website also matter but that usually doesn’t bother the browser.
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