WordPress Security – Is Your Online Business Secure?

WordPress security

WordPress security is a topic of huge importance for every website owner. Each week, Google blacklists around 20,000 websites for malware and around 50,000 for phishing.

While WordPress core software is very secure, and it’s audited regularly by hundreds of developers, there is a lot that can be done to harden your WordPress website.

Why WordPress Website Security is Important?

A hacked WordPress site can cause serious damage to your business revenue and reputation. Hackers can steal user information, passwords, install malicious software, and can even distribute malware to your users. It’s easy to assume that your one blog isn’t going to become the target of a serious attack but, in truth, there are more reasons for a cybercriminal to target you than you might think.

In March 2016, Google reported that more than 50 million website users have been warned about a website they’re visiting may contain malware or steal information.

Furthermore, Google blacklists around 20,000 websites for malware and around 50,000 for phishing each week.

If your website is a business, then consider to invest  into your WordPress website security. A security breach can be very dangerous because a website that is your brand is the first form of contact you have with your customers. You would certainly not want to compromise on your business relationships. If your site isn’t secure then, your customer information will be at stake; your business can be at stake as well. Details like names, email ids, credit card numbers, and passwords may leak or in the worst case; your site may even crash.

What’s your plan there?

Choosing the Right Hosting Service

If you run a WordPress website you will want to work with a hosting service that is either experienced with WordPress or specifically targeted towards WordPress, so-called dedicated WordPress hosting services. Not only will their server environments be well-suited to the needs of WordPress, but they will also be able to provide better security tailored around the system. That is why we recommend the most reputed and popular WordPress managed hosting solutions – WP Engine.

 There are many solutions for hosting WordPress but are they really worthy?  There are four types: Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers, and Managed Hosting Providers. You can find a clear break down explanation provided by WP engine blog here 

When looking for a web host, you should consider the following:

  • Picking a top web host does not always mean they provide quality services, but they are more likely to be secure than other low-cost services.
  • Is the account shared? The websites are intrinsically linked to one another via the single server they share.  But in most of the cases Shared Hosting– (GoDaddy and Bluehost) works great for small personal sites and low budgets, where uptime and site speed aren’t critical.  Keep in mind that at WPengine hosting even  Shared plans are separated from other customers at the kernel and filesystem level and are highly secure.
  • Do they have built-in security features? A reputable hosting service will discuss the security features they offer, such as complimentary SSL certificates, automated backups, and firewalls. WPengine security systems are designed to proactively block numerous web application attacks issues which may arise in WordPress sites.

If you have a WordPress site and you want great support, performance and peace of mind, choose dedicated WordPress hosting services.

We recommend WP Engine. WP Engine is your catalyst for creating and delivering breakthrough digital experiences on WordPress that drive your business forward faster. WP Engine equips you with a suite of agility, performance, intelligence, and integration solutions, so you can build and deploy a range of online experiences from campaign sites to content hubs to e-commerce extensions.


We recommend WP Engine!

WP Engine hosting takes the guesswork and stress out of maintaining your website with managed WordPress hosting.

The hosting is just the first step to secure your website. There are other steps you might consider to secure your WordPress installation.

You might want to read a full guide to WordPress security here:

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Read below for the most important WordPress security tasks you should implement to become more proactive against potential threats:


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